Four Reasons Why You Need To Stop Buying Email Lists

Four Reasons Why You Need To Stop Buying Email Lists

When you are faced with a challenging competition on the market, and when you are trying to reach the targeted audience, purchase email list can seem like a reasonable solution. You may think this will quickly fix your issues and help you gain new contacts. But, in reality, this may be the fall out of your business. So, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy email lists.

People you are targeting don’t want to hear from you

How often has your email account been cluttered with spam mail? We guess too many times, and it becomes very annoying when you have to delete everything. The same thing will happen with your mails, which you are trying to push. The majority of contacts on purchased email lists don’t have an idea who you are, and they are likely to delete your mail. So, in this case, you won’t have any use.

Lists are accurate as provides claim to be

Email list offers will promise your reliable information and contacts, but in most cases, they aren’t. You will be wasting your time and money. They are full of bad data and out of date information. They sometimes provide email addresses that aren’t in use anymore. You need to be very careful if you decide to buy an email list.

You will be violating ESP’s terms of service

EmailAlmost any reputable email provider will indicate the two conditions of their service. Don’t send spam and don’t use third-party lists of emails. You might be wondering why ESP would care about what you do with your email activity. Well, the answer is simple, when you send a lot of emails via ESP, they are routed through the same IP address which is connected to the ESP. If too many people are throwing the poor-quality emails, then this entire process has a damaging effect.

It is easy, and anyone can do it

Even though you already know, you aren’t the first one who is purchasing email lists. It is entirely possible that some of your competitors are using the same method as well. Because of this, many people who receive these emails don’t pay too much attention to them.

Jennifer Harris