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Four Ways To Promote Your Work Online

Four Ways To Promote Your Work Online

During these challenging times, many artists are facing difficulties when they try to sell their artwork. Considering this, now it’s time to take full advantage of free marketing opportunities and creative ways to promote your business online. When we say original, we mean free. In this way, you don’t have to invest a lot of money into marketing, and you can save for the future projects. Even though these solutions are free, it will cost you a bit of time. On the other hand, if these approaches are taken seriously, they can bring you excellent results.

Start writing a blog

Even though many people underestimate the importance of a blog, it can bring you many benefits, and it’s a great way to promote your brand online and make contacts. There is no better place to connect with potential customers than starting your own blog. When you are artists, you writing options are limitless; you can create exciting articles and share many interesting things about art, pricing information and contacts. It would be wise to write about the things that artists care about, share a video or two and organize video conferences where you will talk with potential clients.

Join social network

Social MediaConsidering that 1/3 of world’s population is using some of the social networks, this has become a very lucrative market to meet new clients. It is essential to create an attractive page where you will publish daily posts. You need to encourage positive communication and talk to your visitors. In this way, you can get an insight, and they will become your most prominent critics. People are pretty open on social networks, and they freely express their opinion. You can even establish Facebooks show where you will sell your artwork.

Get into YouTube


You would be surprised to know that YouTube is right behind Google regarding search engines. Videos are another great way to share your message online. But, instead of typing everything, you will be talking about your favorite thing, art. There are a lot of influences who use YouTube to promote various service and brands, so you don’t you become one of them. Videos can also provide you a nice break from the blogging, and you can customize the videos based on audience response.

Make comments on other blog posts

Commenting on other blog posts and writing about your art niche and another great way to build a connection with other people and spread your network. When you comment, then you are most likely to get a reply and engage in conversation with other people and if you leave your blog information. Other people will tend to visit your blog, and you will spread your contacts.