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Make your art visible to a wider audience

The modern, digital world and internet have influenced the world of artists as well, although most artists are either not aware of that sufficiently, either get too occupied with their artistic works and neglect the importance of marketing and advertising. However irrelevant it may seem compared to the attention given to the quality of the mere artistic work, being present in an online community and making that presence intensively obvious to art lovers and similar target groups, determines the popularity and profit to all modern artists. Thus, applying SEO onto your intriguing web presentation and adjusting your blog to be more visible to search engines is crucial for interaction with your audience. Having in mind that most artists are neither willing to deal with SEO of their blogs, neither experienced enough, the best is to handle this task to the experts. However, if you decide to try it yourself, here are some basic instructions on what to apply.

Determine your target group and give them keywords to find you

This is pretty much half of the total job. Optimization of your artistic web presentation starts with making a solid strategy directed towards your audience. First, try to determine the profile traits of your average potential client. Think of his interests, age, character and financial capacity. Note down the big words that describe your audience best. These words will function as the keywords for your SEO. These words will also function as the filters for searching engines to rank your web page. Keep in mind that generic phrases and common words appear frequently and lower your chances to pop up during research. Thus, try to use specific phrases and less common terms to avoid high competition. Once you’ve created a list of keywords, add them to titles and subtitles at your website, scatter them within the content and use them to set titles for uploaded photos.

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Take advantage of attractive content and portfolio

Using adequate keywords will rank you higher and help Google recognize your page better, but the goal is to affect the visitors of your website to spend some time wandering through it and to eventually purchase artwork. This is somewhat a matter of skill. Create attractive, engaging content, update it regularly, keep it interactive and dynamic, but avoid irritative intensiveness and intimidating advertising persuasions. There is also another way to set the visibility of your page high. Create an outstanding portfolio of your work and place it at some pages with high visitation frequency.


Link carry great potential

In order to get your audience to go straightforward by typing the name of your webpage and going directly onto it, you need to achieve a certain level of popularity. This phase is usually preceded by the phase of people stumbling upon your page and staying there for a while. To make this happen, provide the link for your page at various places. Share the content online, get popular pages to promote your page and use links of highly visited pages within your content.


Three Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

Top Three Benefits Of Digital Marketing

You probably have been wondering where to start when it comes to digital marketing. We are all aware how much it is essential for the successes of some business, and it is quite similar to the traditional marketing. It all comes to the fact that you need to reach the customers and make them buy your product or services. But, how are you going to accomplish that? Maybe you have some idea, but without a clear vision, you will always wonder and never see concrete results. Based on some research, digital marketing strategies have been on the rise in the last couple of years. If you already don’t have one, then we are going to suggest you a couple of reasons why you need marketing strategies.

You don’t have direction

The companies without digital marketing strategies don’t have clear goals ahead of them, and they can’t generate their sales online, which can be a big problem if you are trying to boost your production and profit. If you don’t have goals you want to achieve, then you can’t expect to have a profitable company. In this case, a digital marketing helps you determine them and at some point, meet them. Majeed Beenteha an artists who sells the sculptures was one of the first who realized this.

You won’t be aware of your online market share

Digital MarketingClients requirements for online services may be underestimated if you don’t research this. The more important thing, you won’t be able to understand your online marketplace, and you won’t be able to provide proper service. You need to realize that dynamic of online marketing is different from traditional one, this includes the types of customers, their behavior, and competition. If you aren’t in the online market, then you will be lost entirely.

You won’t know your customers enough

Considering that internet has become the primary source of information, a vast number of people are using it to find out about different things, but also to perform online shopping. With the help you Google Analytics you will be able to discover the volume of visits, their sentiment and what they think. In this way, you can provide them the best possible service.