Four Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An Art Blog

Four Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An Art Blog” is locked Four Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An Art Blog

Some artists, like many business owners, start a blog in hope to target the future clients and offer them their products. On the other hand, many artists think they are supposed to blog, which is a huge mistake. In a digital world it is essential to have an online presence, but, you need to realize that blogging is a long-term commitment and it will take you too much time, but results will be excellent. The most significant reasons artists decide to launch a blog are to increase sales, generate customers, have a place to share your thought and making connections in the art community. So, let’s look at mistakes artists are doing when they are creating a blog.

Providing bad content

People come to your blog to read interesting stories and learn something new. If your posts are meaningless and they don’t have a point, the visitors will leave your page instantly. On the other hand, if you are an artist and you create artwork, then this should be your niche, and you should be able to write about many things and inform your readers about the latest updates. It is essential to build a reputation in this industry, especially if you want readers to buy anything from you.

Not being regular

ArtWhen you are establishing a reputation on the market, you need to publish posts every day because your customers expect that from you. Many researchers have proven that people who publish daily, grow their blog faster. In this case, you should come up with a realistic plan which will help you achieve your goals. Make a schedule for every week and think about the articles you are going to write. On the other hand, many artists think they can publish one post and then disappear for weeks. This won’t do you any good if you are planning to grow your business.

Leaving out contact information

How do you think someone will contact you if you don’t leave your contact information? Unfortunately, many bloggers do this, or they just leave their social media accounts. Serious buyers will want to contact you over the phone and schedule a meeting with you. For this purpose, you should have a separate number which you will only use for this occasion. On the other hand, leaving out the section “about you” can severely damage your visits because people won’t be able to identify with your work. In this way, they can get familiar with your work and learn exciting things about you.

Not providing precise details about the purchase


It doesn’t matter whether you are selling your artwork online or offline or it’s a combination of those two, you need to make easy for your customers and readers to buy from you. If they have to spend a couple of minutes to search how to make a purchase, in the end, they will give up and leave your page. Explain everything in details and have a separate payment section.

Jennifer Harris