How To Start An Art Blog?

How To Start An Art Blog?

Starting an artist blog is the best way to establish your place on the market and to build a reputable brand. Many artists think that writing a blog is a useless thing, but you would be surprised to know how many people love reading genuine and trustworthy stories, considering that the Internet is full of fake news. If you want to start writing your own blog, then don’t let anyone discourage you and we will help you in this. Follow our couple of advice towards your goal.

Sign up for the blogging services


Currently, one of the most popular services in the market are Blogger and the WordPress, but your choice is vast, and you can choose between many other providers. If you are looking ways to save money, then you should know that some of these services are free, such as Blogger, while others may require additional payment, in cases you need to buy a domain, or pay a hosting fee. But, even when you choose free providers, you won’t make any mistake because they are excellent and they will provide you excellent service.

The technical side of the blog

Art BlogWhen you use any blogging services, you will be asked to provide the following information:

Blog URL – this is also known as the domain, and this is the address of your blog, it starts with http:// and ends with .com. In this case, it would be wise state your blog’s name here. For example, if you are dealing with art, then you should insert some name that is connected to the art. Try to use one central keyword which will describe your blog.

Blog name – in perfect conditions blog name should match blog URL. For example, if your blog is about contemporary art, then your blog name should be “contemporary art.” In some cases, you want to include your name, if you ‘re going to promote yourself as an artist.

Choose a temple

Temple determines the look of your website and how your content should be displayed. The temple should match your content and the idea you are trying to promote. Almost every blogging service allows you to preview the temple before you decide for one. You can use various layouts, letters, colors and background images. You should be careful when choosing the temple because it will represent you and your idea throughout the world.

Start writing blog posts

The essential thing is to provide high – quality articles so that people will have something to read when they visit your blog. You need to keep your visitors interested and write about the thing that will keep their attention.

Jennifer Harris